DuctTesters was established because a tremendous disconnect had been recognized between the developer/builders and their trade contractors, as related to Title 24 Part 6 compliance. We have been working to close that gap by training and educating within each of the industries so that everyone can work together on accomplishing the common goal of building a superior product. We take pride in helping each of the trades involved to understand what their contribution is and how it fits into the larger picture, now and for the future.

Since our establishment, we have grown from a training entity to a full blown energy consultant.  DuctTesters has been involved in more than 2,000 different projects.  Projects include:  new, existing, alterations, and additions of…resident owned, custom and production single family residential homes, commercial, affordable, and multi-family properties.  We use a Third-Party consultant business model that allows us to provide insight and guidance to our clients, while assuring that we have our clients best interests in mind at all times. We employ a team of Certified Energy Analysts who are dedicated to quality work and a team of Certified Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Raters that ensure that the energy features proposed on paper are what actually gets installed during the construction process. Behind the scenes is a friendly office staff that supports it all and is eager to please each and every one of our clients. Not only do they handle all the paperwork, but they attend industry training too, ensuring they can handle the industry jargon and all the tough questions.